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OUR MISSION is to protect and promote human rights and access to justice of LGBTs. To raise awareness and sensitize Philippine society about LGBT issues and concerns. To address health issues and concerns of LGBTs. To initiate economic and social support projects for LGBTs, especially those marginalized. OUR SOCIETAL VISION is a society free from gender and sexuality-based oppression, prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. OUR ORGANIZATIONAL VISION, Ladlad Partylist is an inclusive, sustainable, and responsive national LGBT organization that endeavors to consolidate, empower, strengthen and represent the LGBT community.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


KING of Talk and Ladlad Partylist Senior Political Adviser, Mr. Boy Abunda announced today that their group has decided to drop the word “ANG” from their name and retain the word “Ladlad.” “Simula ngayon Ladlad Partylist na ang tawag ninyo sa aming grupo,” said Abunda.
In 2010 elections, Ladlad, the only partylist for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) in the world was recognized by the Supreme Court as a legitimate marginalized and underrepresented sector.

The King of Talk said the group will do all measures to bring Ladlad in Congress to craft laws for the advancement of the LGBT sector.

“We made exciting revisions to the image of Ladlad like our new, livelier and compelling butterfly logo. Our new slogan, ‘Bukas isip. Bukas Puso’ also offers more inclusivity that touches everyone’s minds and hearts,” Abunda said.

Abunda further said, the removal of the word “ANG” was initiated during the post-election assessment of Ladlad officers and volunteers. He said, the group received many reports that many votes were not cast merely because people were confused of the group’s name. On the other hand, some members was not able to vote Ladlad because they were not able locate easily Ladlad on the ballots.

Ladlad is very optimistic to win the 2013 elections because of the ample time to implement a more strategic communication and campaign plan that will deliver the message of equal rights across the archipelago.

“I am encouraging various organizations in different sectors to join and support Ladlad. Also, with all humility, I am asking every mother, father, sister and brother and those who have LGBTs in the family to come out and support our group,” Abunda said. “Ladlad Partylist is open to everyone,” he added.

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