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OUR MISSION is to protect and promote human rights and access to justice of LGBTs. To raise awareness and sensitize Philippine society about LGBT issues and concerns. To address health issues and concerns of LGBTs. To initiate economic and social support projects for LGBTs, especially those marginalized. OUR SOCIETAL VISION is a society free from gender and sexuality-based oppression, prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. OUR ORGANIZATIONAL VISION, Ladlad Partylist is an inclusive, sustainable, and responsive national LGBT organization that endeavors to consolidate, empower, strengthen and represent the LGBT community.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Here is the Official List of Nominees  for Party-List Representatives and Trustee who will be voted on during the Ladlad National Convention  on 18 February 2012 at The University Hotel in the University of The Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Nominees for Ladlad Party-list Representatives (in alphabetical order)

1. ALIKPALA, Raymond
3. LACSAMANA, Marlon Toledo

4. LEONIN, Germaine Trittle
5. LOPERA, Crisanto

6. VILLOCINO, Wilfredo “Pidot”

7. REMOTO, Danton 

Nominees for Ladlad Party-list Members of the Board of Trustees (in alphabetical order)

1. AGBAYANI, Ceejay Rev.
2. AMAMENCE, Mercy

3. AQUINO, Manuel “Raffy/Yffar”
4. BATOON, Eddie
5. CRISTOBAL, Ma. Cristina “Ging”
6. CUSTODIO, Ivanka

7. DESQUITADO, Marivic

8. ESPINO, Patrick
9. HERNANDEZ, Mae Emmanuel
10. LABILLES, Reighben Earl Wysten
11. LACSAMANA, Marlon Toledo
12. LAYNO, Santy

13. LEONIN, Germaine Trittle
14. MACALDO, Dexter
15. MAHINAY, Gloria “Louie”
16. PARAS, Rica
17. REMOTO, Danton

18. SAURO, Jeffry
19. UMBAC, Sylvia Angelique “Angie
20. VILLOCINO, Wilfredo “Pidot”
Please be informed that due to logistics and financial constraints, the 2012 National Convention is by invitation only and is limited to 100 persons. Members eligible to vote but did not receive an invitation from Ladlad may choose to cast their votes thru proxy voting.


The nominees may campaign from 2 February 2012 to 17 February 2012 to make known their qualifications and achievements, vision and program of action to the members.  Distribution or use of any campaign paraphernalia is prohibited, but email messaging, voice or SMS messaging, personal campaigning or distribution of leaflets containing the nominee’s photo, short curriculum vitae, vision and plan of action is allowed.  The Board of Trustees and Officers of the Party shall ensure that all the nominees shall have fair and equal access to the Party website and e-groups.

Optional: Nominees may send their Curriculum Vitae to Edmond Osorio via email (send to; brazen_yannigan@yahoo.com ) for upload in the Ladlad Partylist Yahoo Group.

Thank you very much.


Edmond B. Osorio

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