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OUR MISSION is to protect and promote human rights and access to justice of LGBTs. To raise awareness and sensitize Philippine society about LGBT issues and concerns. To address health issues and concerns of LGBTs. To initiate economic and social support projects for LGBTs, especially those marginalized. OUR SOCIETAL VISION is a society free from gender and sexuality-based oppression, prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. OUR ORGANIZATIONAL VISION, Ladlad Partylist is an inclusive, sustainable, and responsive national LGBT organization that endeavors to consolidate, empower, strengthen and represent the LGBT community.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Ladlad Party List – the national political party of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender  (LGBT)Filipinos – is asking Ms Miriam Quiambao to make an unconditional apology for her remarks that have defamed, demeaned, and demonized the LGBT community.

Showing the zeal of the newly converted, Ms. Quiambao categorically condemned LGBT Filipinos when she said that we are a “a lie from the devil.” In the 21st century, no self-respecting Christian pastor, priest, bishop and higher ecclesiastical authorities would dare mouth words like these. But not this late-in-the-day Born-Again Christian, who has no compunction in judging those who are different from her.

At the heart of LGBT Filipinos is our sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) which may be different from the heterosexual, but should thus not  be cause for judging us. But Ms. Quiambao, with her antediluvian rhetoric, not only betrays a shallow knowledge of the bible and Christian teachings. She also betrays condescension and bigotry for the LGBT Filipinos who, like her, have the same rights as the other citizens of the land.

Therefore, we demand from her an official, unconditional apology. Only through this can she, using her perverse sense of logic, “sin no more” and calm the troubled waters that have been generated by her unfair and unChristian statements.

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  1. dapat palabas sa national television ang apology ng mga queen of bigots..